Heating, drying, evaporation

Preheaters and dryers for heating and drying products are very energy consuming machines.

The energy efficiency of the preheaters and dryers highly depends on the heat flows and the material flows, and extensive energy savings can often be gained optimising these flows.
CORE’s advanced process controllers for heating, drying and evaporation reduce temperature variations substantially, increase throughput and attain a more stable and optimal process, saving energy and increasing capacity.

Given the fact that the drying process can be controlled on times that are much smaller than the process time, large variations in the temperature and the outgoing dryness should not be accepted. Such variations are directly or indirectly equivalent to loss of production and energy.

The performance of evaporators is often suboptimal with large variations in pressure, temperatures and the outgoing dry matter content, resulting in higher energy costs and lower quality and yield. Using CORE’s advanced controllers the dry matter content becomes more uniform, improving capacity and yield. For spray dryers, CORE delivers an efficient controller that substantially reduces variations in residual moisture. A powder with average residual moisture 1% below the guarantied level is equivalent to 1% less product. An advanced control that takes into account variations in humidity, feed and residual moisture can improve results significantly.

"We chose CORE in optimising our heat treatment processes and saved 75 MWh weekly."

John Hindborg,