Crushing, mincing, mixing

When material is crushed or minced, the amperage of the crusher or mincer and the variation in amperage contain information on the type of material being processed.

If the type of material varies, this can be very useful information for an advanced controller, also for succeeding processes. This is especially the case when material is mixed or fats or other fluids are added. Here, the CORE controllers help adding the right amounts to the process, avoiding excess use of energy on one hand and unnecessary mechanical problems on the other.

In blending and mixing concentrations are in focus. Quality is measured in terms of deviations from the required concentration levels. Thus, it is crucial to control the concentrations to high accuracy.

CORE’s optimisation process and advanced process controller takes initial deviations into account. Changing the desired concentration level, moving from one product to another, the advanced controller ensures a correct concentration of the final product.