The Annual Meeting of Animal By-Products Processing will take place on October 4-5.
The venue is the Maritim Hotel Travemünde. Please visit our stand at Produktbörse.


Dr. Preben Alstrom will be a key speaker at the Poultry Protein and Fat Seminar October 4-5, 2018.
The seminar will apart from emerging control technologies also include panel discussions.


The world Expo from feed to food exhibition takes place in the heart of the Netherlands on June 20-22. 
Focus is on producers applying smart methods to improve efficiency, quality and sustainability.
CORE will join forces with Haarslev Industries at 7.D114 and 7.D128. 
We look forward to welcoming you at Jaarbeurs Exhibition Centre, Utrecht.

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After growing activity in the Asia-Pacific countries, we are proud to announce that we open our own office in Melbourne, Australia 1st of June.


There is a growing interest in using CORE controllers for animal recycling, which is why CORE now actively participates in FENAGRA on 16 and 17 May 2018 in Campinas.

The international animal recycling fair will take place along with the EXPO PET FOOD, which brings together the entire production chain of the animal nutrition sector.

We look forward to welcoming you at Expo Dom Pedro. Book your meeting now.

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After winning large orders with major rendering companies in the USA, CORE has now opened its own office in Kansas City, Missouri. 

We look forward to welcoming you at the International Production & Processing Expo Jan. 30 - Feb. 1, 2018 in Atlanta at booth B5123. 

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After winning a large rendering order in Australia, Dr. Preben Alstrøm gave a lecture at the ARA Symposium near Brisbane. 

Check out the resume here: RC39


There is an increasing interest in CORE from the fishing industry, most recently in Peru, where CORE now actively participates in Expo Pesca & Acuiperu.

The growing international Fisheries & Aquaculture tradeshow will take place on November 8-10, 2017 in Lima, Peru.

We look forward to welcoming you at booth 219, which we will share with Haarslev Industries S. A. C. Book your meeting now at




Check out how you can improve your protein content with CORE sustainable controllers at the Poultry Protein & Fat Seminar, October 5-6.

The Missouri shows takes place in Kansas City and will this year focus on wastewater treatment and other green production improvements.

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CORE participates at the EFPRA Congress in Hamburg 31 May - 3 June. The EFPRA Congress will address global challenges of tomorrow such as sustainable intensification and food safety.

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CORE will join forces with Haarslev Inc at IPPE on January the 31st 2017. We look forward to welcoming you at B4033 on the Main Avenue.

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CORE at IECON Conference in Florence

CORE participates at the IECON Conference October 24-27 in Florence. It will be held concurrently with the IEEE Industry Forum - Advancing Technology for Humanity. IECON will adress global challenges such as climate change, energy and food shortages.

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Raise the bar for sustainability with CORE

CORE now offers to calculate your carbon footprint improvements when using CORE control. Be sure that your green balance will be improved tremendously.

Basically a typical CORE project will save emission of approximately 1000 tons CO2 - every year! A nice side effect is that it improves your end product quality and yield too.

State of Green

Denmark has decided to lead the transition to a green growth economy and will be independent of fossil fuels by 2050 as the first country in the world.

Please share this animated film and let´s inspire each other.


CORE is a part of this public-private initiative. Read more at State of Green.


CORE moves to larger premises

As of 1st of May CORE has moved to its new headquarters by Ring 3 with easy access to the Copenhagen airport.

Partnership between Haarslev and CORE A/S

“The partnership with CORE A/S is the next  logical step to further develop Haarslev’s activities,” says Henrik Fogh Sørensen, CTO at Haarslev Industries. 

“Energy costs and end product quality are our customers’ main concern. The market is increasingly demanding sustainable solutions, and we see the implementation of CORE’s technology as lying directly in continuation of our activities.”

EU funds Network on complexity programmes

The Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation and Research Councils and Ministries in 10 other European countries extend common efforts to develop a European programme network on complexity.

The CEO of CORE A/S, Preben Alstrøm, has coordinated the Danish activities on behalf of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation. "The field of complexity is an emerging and rapidly growing research field with a large technological potential.

Europe has fostered a scientific excellence in the interdisciplinary field of complexity with extensive collaborations across Europe and abroad.National funding organisations are aware of this development and several countries have strategic programmes within the field."

CORE selected partner for supplying industrial optimisation

In order to provide the manufacturing industry with the best data acquisition, data processing and data analysis tools for optimising their production, Novotek has selected CORE as partner providing expertise and tools for data analysis, optimisation and control.

Danish Fornyelsesfond funds CORE

Initiative to improve energy efficiency of separation processes The strong industrial focus on energy savings has resulted in an increasing demand for CORE's advanced process control technology.

Successful installations, the predictive technology, the high saving potential and the short payback time are among the attractive factors that have led Fornyelsesfonden to put 5.4 mio. DKK into a 2 year energy-saving project managed by CORE.

Together with Daka, Alfa Laval and two universities, CORE explores several separation and drying processes in detail in order to improve the energy efficiency further.

CORE Process Optimiser - new project module

The CORE Process Optimiser is now delivered with new project module, allowing the user to improve processes on many levels.

For each optimisation project, the user rapidly performs "what-if" simulations, extract the most important factors and relations influencing performance, and visualises the development and variations for different segments.

CORE project in the news

The Danish science and technology news magazine Ingeniøren (The Engineer) covers COREs results obtained at Daka through the project "Energy Efficient control of Separation Processes" funded by the Danish Business Innovation Fund (Fornyelsesfonden).

See the artcle here

EUDP funds CORE initiative

to improve control of decanters for waste water treatment through advanced measurement techniques The purpose of the project, which is managed by CORE, is to use the prominent position and expertise in Denmark within separation processes, machine technology and advanced control to establish and test a new energy efficient decanter controller which, as the first of its kind, couples direct measurements of internal process state incl. concentration of solids with external signal processing and adaptive control technology. EUDP is supporting the project with 2.3 mio. DKK over 2 years.