CORE develops and implements intelligent control system software that improves the real-time operation of industrial machines.

The output can vary significantly due to unknown variations in input. Variations can, however, often be substantially reduced, using information on process history to estimate future variations.

CORE’s advanced control technology provides better stability and a more uniform quality, thereby shortening production time and allowing operation to be tuned towards higher yields. CORE’s advanced process controllers ensure smooth operating conditions, deliver reliable on-line corrective adjustments, and limit expensive machine stops.

Signal analysis

Essential patterns in the process signals are identified and their relations to the machine performance are established. Signal complexity is reduced, noise removed, and optimal controller signals are extracted.

Predicting and optimizing the performance

A reliable control model based on a proven technology is implemented using previous signal variations to predict and optimize the performance. The predictions provided ensure that optimal corrective actions are taken in time.

Adaptive control

The control model adapts continuously to the state of operation, and adjusts to changes in operating conditions. Adaptive control ensures that the controller stays in tune with the process times. The amplified fluctuations sometimes observed using PID controllers are avoided in CORE’s advanced controllers by automatic adjustments of the controller time.

"CORE’s adaptive controllers stabilised our processes and improved our quality and yield.
Payback period: 9 months"

Erik Skjøth Sørensen,